A Glamberous Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Despite my bias opinion I think “Snow White and the Huntsman” was beyond awesome! The anticipated summer blockbuster hit theaters on Friday, June 1, and has taken over the box office ever since. From the effects, Kristen’s accent, Charlize screaming and those witty dwarfs, I loved everything about the film!

The Queen Charlize Theron did an amazing job as Queen Ravenna! Everytime she yelled, screamed or cried I felt her pain. Ki Ki was right she did not play a bitch, Charliza had a troubling past and survived the best way she knew how, with her beauty. And that she was! Queen Ravenna was utterly beautiful even when she looked old and was losing her “beauty” she still looked great to me. Despite her beauty, the queen was very scary. Her powers to take life is something that could not be messed with, I for one was excited to see a woman in power making all the decisions.

Snow White Now I was very anxious to hear Kristen’s English accent. We first heard it during a prayer from “Snowy” locked in a tower. I didn’t think she talked that much in the film for me to get a good idea of how her English accent could be but from what I heard I thought it was good, better than I do when I pretend I’m English. Kristen gave a believable portrayal of a naive, timid princess on the verge of greatness. When she needed to be meek I think she portrayed it well and when she needed to be strong, it gave me chills like when she had to give her battle speech when she came back from the dead. Everytime someone or something bowed to her, I felt chills.

The Leading Men Again Kristen Stewart gets the hard job of having two hot leading men fighting for her affection. In this instance we have Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman and Sam Claflin as Prince William. Hemsworth gave a convincing portrayal of a drunk and careless Huntsman. He got many laughs in my theater. Claflin played a very charming and fearless prince on a quest to save his childhood love Snow White once he learned that she was still alive after all those years apart. The dwarfs also served as key characters in the film. They served as comic relief in the film as well as pawns in some of the harsher parts in the film.

The Apple During press of the film it was mentioned that Charliza and Ki Ki shared a kiss in the film. I was scratching my head with confusion until the apple scene was unfolding before my eyes and I must say that was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It was so beautifully shot and you don’t realize what is happening until it is too late. I must say that is one crafty queen.

I hope you all went to see SWATH this weekend! So please, tell me what did you think? Was Kristen the fairest of them all?

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4 thoughts on “A Glamberous Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

  1. I liked the film but found the ending left something to be desired… I wanted more explanation about the kiss that woke her up… or some after thought about what was going to happen now that she was queen! I wanted more! Plus Kirsten Stewart’s facial expressions made me think too much of Bella and Twilight. Sadly I wasn’t convinced of her performance. But Charlize Theron was amazing!

    • Charlize was REALLY good! There was talks about there being sequels but I didn’t see why there would be but you do bring up some good points. I wonder how she will be as queen.

  2. I love how you’re a huge fan of K. Stew! I’m a huge TwiHard myself too 🙂 Nice review on the movie too! I enjoyed it also, but the end just kind of left me hanging?Seems like there could be a Snow White 2 or something!

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