16DOT: Twilight Spotlight – Michael Sheen

We are just about a week from the finale of The Twilight Saga and it’s taking everything in me to contain my composure. But before we say goodbye to our sparkly vampires and shape shifting werewolves; GGB is taking a look at some of the lesser popularized characters from the series.

Michael Sheen is one another one of those “Twilight” characters that just doesn’t have enough shine! I LOVE Aro but we only get to see him in “New Moon” and at the end of “Breaking Dawn Part 1.” He is supposed to have a much more incorporated role in “Breaking Dawn Part 2” and I for one can not wait to see him . In the book, I was getting my life to his dialogue and pray some of his lines make it to the film; I guess I will find out next week.

Aside from the Twi saga; Sheen has a number of things he can be proud of. Did you know he was from London? Yes, Robert Pattinson isn’t the only British boy of the bunch. He also had a significant role in “Midnight in Paris” where he met his current girlfriend and residential hottie Rachel McAdams.  Sheen also is very dedicated to the Twi saga. In an interview with ClevverTV, Sheen explains how the “Aro laugh” came about and teases us more about this “twist ending,” which Aro is apart of. Is It November 16th yet?!

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