Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Are Selling Prescription Pill Bags

Have Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen discovered a new wave of chic and a way to use all those pesky,extra prescription pills you may have lying around?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen has teamed up with artist Damien Hirst to release a $55,000 backpack under their fashion label, The Row. 

Much like the standard shape of their previous bags this latest addition matches the box-like shape but this one is covered in prescription pill appliqués. So far, only 12 backpacks have been made and the proceeds will go to UNICEF.

Minus the pills, I actually like the bag. I haven’t worn a backpack in ages but I love the croc print and accent of gold. It looks spacious enough and definitely chic? Take a look at the bag below and let me know what’s your take on the prescription pill bag?



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7 thoughts on “Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Are Selling Prescription Pill Bags

  1. pearlsandparis on said:

    I think it’s awful! Without the pills and at a MUCH MUCH cheaper price tag it would be okay in my book.

  2. haha read about this earlier todat too, think the bag without the pills is well cool, don’t really understand the pills thing,think it’s a bit of a boring idea in a way, like “let’s just stick some weird things at the bag, pills? i dunno, and don’t understand the price, haha why so expensive? pills must be very very exclusive , well anyways the money is for a great cause, and I’m not a fan of damien hirst… god do I sounds like an grumpy old lady now? haha, i’m not I promise!

    • Ha, you do not sound like a grumpy old lady! It’s great you have a passionate opinion! But I wonder if they are actual REAL pills or like fake ones and they are just saying they are real. Like could you pop off a Xanax if you’re having a stressful day? I guess the money is going to a good cause so I guess the rich and famous won’t mind paying college tuition for a bag.

  3. I guess you would save money cause you won’t be needing to buy any painkillers for a while… so maybe the bag is worth the money? haha x

  4. I give the Olsen twins props, because as sad as it is to say, it will probably make a lot of money. Actually I take that back, there are so many pills in the burb’s, girls could make there own prescription pill bags!

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