PSA: No More Fights For Edward Cullen

Thank God The “Twilight” Saga has come to a close! I am one of the most obsessed “Twilight” fans around so of course I was sad to see the series come to an end but I am so glad I don’t have to watch Edward Cullen get his ass handed to him in every fight scene he’s in. I just hope that’s not a representation of how Robert Pattinson defends himself in reality. I just knew that perfect facade had to come with a weakness, the boy cannot protect his lady for nothing. You want examples; you got them!

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“Twilight” Don’t let this still from “Twilight” fool you. Edward Cullen may look like he had one up on James in the ballet studio but he was totally getting thrown around in that studio. He had to get his dad and siblings to step in and save the day.

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“New Moon” Speaking of getting thrown around, in “New Moon” Felix from the Volturi was kicking Edward’s ass all up and through that beautifully crafted cathedral hall. If it wasn’t for the girl Bella pleading for Aro to kill her instead; Edward may have been a goner in this one.

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“Eclipse” Bella saves the day again in “Eclipse.” As Edward was getting double teamed by Riley and Victoria up on that mountain and moments away from getting his limbs ripped apart, good ole Bellar took it upon herself to snip her arm to draw enough blood for the thirsty vampires to get distracted long enough for Edward to regain control and save his own life; that was a close one.

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“Breaking Dawn Part 1” In the first half of “Breaking Dawn” everything seemed to be going fine for the newly married Edward and his bride Bella but when Bella got preggo the fight for her life began. She basically died at the end in order to become a newborn vampire and while she was transforming Edward had to protect his family from the pack of werewolves set out to kill his newborn half human/half vampire child Renesmee. Before the rest of his family stepped in; Edward had his back against the dirt and a paw to his chest.

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“Breaking Dawn Part 2” I hope you all have seen “Breaking Dawn Part 2” by now because the spoilers are about to flow. In the most talked about battle sequence during the end of the film; Edward started off strong. He angrily charged towards the Volturi after Aro ripped the head off his father, Carlisle. Eddie leaped into a comical yet bad-ass punch really kicking off the fight but his high didn’t last long. Poor Eddie ended up falling in a fiery gorge damn near giving Bella, me and the entire audience a heart attack until an explosion, thank Stephenie Meyer, catapulted him out of the pit. *Whew*

Now if the series does, in some parallel universe, decide to come back with a reboot for the love of Renesmee PLEASE do not allow Edward Cullen to risk harming that beautiful face or body of his in any type of physical action that does not result in a headboard or clothes being shredded. Got it? Good!

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