glambergirlblog Is MOVING!

Hello My Glamberous Ones,

I wanted to take a post to thank you all once again! I am continuously amazed at how many of you take the time to read my posts, comment and reblog my content. You are one of the reason my blog is doing so great only after a little over a year of work on my part. I hope you all will continue to follow me as grows.

With that being said; it’s about that time GGB does some house keeping and changing. I will be moving my blog from to Now this should not interrupt you from seeing my content but unfortunately for all my followers you will longer be able to follow this blog unless you also have access to I do thank you for following me for this long.

So hopefully over the next couple of days you will see the new layout and changes to GGB. Feel free to drop me an email at if you have any problems viewing the new site or comments about the layout. Stay Glamberous!

XOXO Glambergirl

Photo: southparkstudios

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