Robert Pattinson, You Are My Spirit Animal!

My love for Robert Pattinson is no secret here. The simple joy I get from seeing his gorgeous English face or hearing his boyish giggle at an immature statement tickling my fancy is something unparalleled to none other. Although I lust for Robbie I feel he is my spirit animal.

This year Robbie went on record to say that he feels he’s still “extraordinary immature.” I really wish someone tell him that the fact that he is makes fans love him so much more. Since he’s always on play time during interviews we, and by that I mean ME, get so many laughs it makes no sense. I don’t think I ever watched an interview with Robbie; no matter how boring the reporter is, where I didn’t laugh. He always finds a way to make an uncomfortable situation so much more pleasurable with laughter.

With my immature sense of humor I think Robbie and I would die from laughter during our first interview; ya know once I reach that status. I can’t wait for that day, until then check out these funny gems with Rob’s interview with BBC 1 Radio.

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