Breaking Dawn in a Minute or So [Video]

My beloved “Twilight” saga is immune to all the parody videos that are out nowadays but just because the saga has come to an end does not mean that the jokes will stop rolling; at least Jacksfilms is making sure they don’t.

In Jacksfilms parody video you find Edward and Bella Cullen enjoying a brief moment before Jacob comes and interrupts the two and tells the parents that he REALLY has a thing for their daughter. The three then go into a hilarious bit on how to properly pronounce Renesmee’s name. After that Edward explains to Bella about the “epic not battle” as Jacob anxiously waits for a response to his request. Edward and Bella agree Jake can have Renesmee under one condition; he MUST keep his shirt on!

This may be a parody video but it does contain real spoilers so if you STILL haven’t seen the movie yet, BIG shame on you, and if you have hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of the video like I did. Check it out below.

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