16DOT: Exploring “Eclipse”

We’re almost getting to the end. In the third installment of The “Twilight” Saga, “Eclipse,” the Edward, Bella and Jacob love triangle reaches its peak and the official teams were formed: Team Edward or Team Jacob.

“Eclipse” starts off with some sweet Edward and Bella moments in their secret yet very public meadow. Jacob is still mad at Bella from “New Moon” drama, her leaving him to save Edward so we don’t see him until the almost mid half of the film and we don’t see him shirtless until a little past the middle, ugh. But enough about Jacob’s lickable abs, “Eclipse” is all about protecting Bella from the army of newborn vampires created by a vengeful Victoria to get paybacks from her mate’s death, James, in “Twilight.” The wolves and vampires join forces and take them newborns down!

“Eclipse” has never been my favorite of the saga but the “commentree” of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the DVD is the only reason I watched this movie as much as I did. My favorite part in the commentary and in the film is the proposal/ “leg hitch” scene. Bella finally agrees to marry Edward in the sweetest proposal ever but if you listen to Robbie’s and Ki’s commentary for that scene you will never look at it the same again.

When it came down to promotion time Jimmy Kimmel snagged the main cast members of the latest saga to give the ultimate “Twilight” interview. I always loved any interviews Jimmy Kimmel does with anybody because they are so funny but when you add Robbie, Ki and Tay to the mix you get borderline stand up comedy. Check out a part of the interview below.

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