16DOT: Exploring “Breaking Dawn Part 1”

Ladies and Gentleman we are SO close to “Breaking Dawn Part 2” I can taste it; like literally taste it. Around this time tomorrow I will be crying my eyes out as I watch my beloved saga come to an end but before we, I, get all mushy let’s take a moment to explore “Breaking Dawn Part 1.”

In the final book of the series A LOT happens but since the films split the books in half let’s talk about the first part. There are three main things about this film that everyone was waiting to see: Edward and Bella’s wedding, Edward and Bella’s honeymoon and Bella giving birth to her half human, half vampire child Renesmee; oh yeah and Bella dies and is reborn into a vampire.

In between all that Jacob separates from his pack and unintentionally starts his own with Leah and Seth Clearwater. The rest of the wolf pack are trying to kill Bella because they don’t know if her baby will pose a threat to the community and Jacob “imprints” aka falls in love with Edward and Bella’s baby; weird yes but it looked good on film.

My favorite scene in BDP1 would have to be Bella’s reborn scene simply because her lullaby is in it and y’all know how I feel about that damn lullaby. As she’s reborn the audience got to see a recap of all her memories, which was a very sweet moment.

There were so many funny interviews during the BDP1 circuit simply because Robert Pattinson couldn’t wait to unleash the start of his jokes about “imprinting” on the expense of Taylor Lautner. I could blog about Robbie interviews all day but I think I’ll stick to the LA “Breaking Dawn Part 1” convention; that wasn’t an interview per se but it gave fans an unscripted, inside look into the movie. I mean it did give us Kristen’s infamous response to “my boyfriend is English.” Check out the full convention below.

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    I can not wait! 🙂

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