16DOT: Exploring “New Moon”

Continuing to explore each film within the “Twilight” series, let’s take a look at the film that started the infamous Twi love triangle. As The Twilight Saga continued with “New Moon” things got a little steamy and by steamy I mean we were introduced to the shape shifting, shirtless, jean short wearing members of the wolf pack: Sam, Embry, Paul, Jared and soon to be added Jacob Black.

In this film after a life threatening experience during Bella’s birthday party with the Cullens, Edward decided it would be best if he broke up with Bella, leave Forks and allow her to have a chance at a normal life. But the girl Bella was not having none of that. After telling Edward she would come with him, only to be denied and have her ex run off at vampire speed, Bells was left with a broken heart and months of horrible nightmares.

But thanks to good ole pal Jacob, Bella was able to sort of get her life back on track. Only problem was her best friend turned out to be a werewolf and was falling in love with her. All would have went Jake’s way until Edward confused Bella for dead and called her house to confirm. Jake used this opportunity to play with Edward’s head leading him to go to the Volturi, vampire royalty, and commit suicide. To make this long story short: Bella leaves Jake to help Edward, Bella reaches Edward in time to make up, Edward gets his ass kicked by the Volturi, B and E return to Forks and get confronted by Jake, Jake gets mad, turns wolf and runs off, Edward proposes to Bella. *wipes forehead*

“New Moon” is my favorite film of the saga and I’m not sure why. I’m TeamEdward and since he’s not in it much it’s strange I would like this the most but my favorite scene from this film has to be when Bella is desperately running through Voltaire to save Edward. Such a sweet moment when he whispers “heaven” as Bella gets to him in time.

My favorite interview from the “New Moon” era comes from No Good TV with Up Close with Carrie Keagan. Thanks to Carrie, we were introduced to the terms “V.I.L.F” and “W.I.L.F.” She also got to make the cast look like Kristen isn’t the only one with a potty mouth. This interview is so funny; just look at how young everyone looks.

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