16DOT: Open Hearted Letter of a Twihard

I admit I came into the “Twilight” fandom a little late, OK way late. But it wasn’t that I had an extreme hate for the books or the films it was just that I didn’t pay it much mind. It wasn’t until my mother was watching “Eclipse” on television when I actually started paying attention the films. I remember it was the infamous “leg hitch”/proposal scene that drew my attention into full gear. I knew who Kristen Stewart was from previous movies but this new guy had me in awe.

My mom was saying how good the movie was and that we should get the first two and watch them all back to back, which we did; and that was the start of the obsession. I’m a Virgo and one thing about us is if we love something and I mean really love something we get obsessed with it and that’s how things got with “Twilight!” I ran out and got all the DVD’s – personal copies – because I wanted all the behind the scenes footage and interviews. I YouTubed hours upon hours of “Twilight” cast interviews and even had a mini book club with my sister as we read, laugh, and weep with Breaking Dawn. 

Once I discovered that fans had opportunities to meet some of the stars of the franchise I started going to movie premieres, screenings, special events and talk show appearances to try to meet the cast members but along the way I met some amazing fans turned friends. One thing I appreciate the most about the “Twilight” saga is the people I met along the way and how this fictional world brought us together. Many call us crazy for the countless hours and money we put towards supporting the saga but meeting people who are just as passionate, dedicated and crazy as you is such a comforting thing. Nobody gets it but us, Twihards. Bonding with people over “Twilight” and its cast while camping out on the New York City streets has been a life altering experience for me.

None of this would be possible without “Mama Twilight” so THANK YOU Stephenie Meyer for literally sharing your dream with the world. Thanks to Summit for recognizing a gold mine when they saw one and producing the films. Thanks to Catherine Hardwicke, Chris Weitz, David Slade and Bill Condon for bringing the books to life in a perfect way in the form of film. Thanks to the screenwriters and producers for taking the crazy wild ride of the “Twilight” franchise. Thanks to the genius artists and composers for the songs and music for the films, especially Carter Burwell for the most beautiful piece of music I ever heard – “Bella’s Lullaby.”

Lastly, the CAST! The amazing cast that gave faces to the now iconic characters in pop culture. Thanks for loving the fans and films as much as we love y’all and the series. Thanks for always showing your fans love; for me personally: Peter, Taylor, Ashley, Kellan, Kristen and Rob. They say nothing lasts forever but I think the love Twihards have built-in this fandom will live forever! Until the 10th anniversary Twihards!

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