I have to hand it to YouTube user polandbananas20 for pulling off this dual role in this “The Twihard Journey” video clip. She kind of slayed the Twihard experience and this video will definitely go down in “Twilight” history.

In the vid,  polandbananas20 discusses with a therapist her recent turmoil and describes the phases of the fandom which is so spot on. I remember watching “Twilight” for the first time on DVD because my younger cousin INSISTED it was so good. I was hesitant and did not get why the film was so popular. By the time the nomadic vampires (Victoria, Laurent and James) came on-screen I was like, so The Cullens have to protect Bella from these bad vampires, what are they going to do?” And from then, the addiction slowly started forming.

One of the best lines from this video to me is, “They entertain me, they make me happy so shut the f*ck up and let me like them.” *AMEN* That is my exact emotion when defending my love for the saga. If I had to pick a phase, my favorite would be awareness. We’re (Twihards) are not saying the books are the best written work ever and the films are Oscar worthy but they are indeed amazing! Twihards have a special bond only we get because nobody else understands. I guess that’s one of the reasons fandoms are the next closet thing to family.

Check out the journey in action below

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