16DOT: Twilight’s BIGGEST FAN

If you are a fan of “Twilight” there is no way you should not know who Nutty Madam is or at least heard of the REALLY diehard, Twihard fan that has become YouTube famous from her extreme reactions to ANYthing that has to do with “Twilight” or its actors.

Well Nutty Madame has had a look at the trailer for “Breaking Dawn Part 2” and to say she was hysterical watching it would be an understatement. Now I LOVE The ‘Twilight’ Saga, believe me I do but this fan’s love is on a level that surpasses any level I’ve ever seen and I’m sure it’s right up there with the love parents feels for their children.

At any rate, Robert Pattinson and everyone can agree she is an absolute pleasure to watch. Her “F*ck off Aro” quote is probably the best line I’ve heard anyone say regarding the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” trailer EVER.

Nutty Madam warns you and I will too; be sure to turn down your volume for this one, check out her reaction to the LAST “Twilight” film trailer. I can imagine me being the least extreme version of her come the time the credits role in the film. *sigh*

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