16DOT: Poking Fun At Twilight

I would like to refer to “Twilight” as the baby I have yet to conceived so understand that I take any and all jokes poking fun at my beloved saga seriously. I am super protective of the franchise but I do have a sense of humor and can admit when things are genuinely funny and there have been a bunch, and I do mean a BUNCH of “Twilight” parodies released over the five years the films have been around. Some are horrible, some good, some great and some simply genius. This post will share some of my favorites that I’ve discovered over the years. Feel free to comment and let me know if there are any that you’ve seen and want to share.

Hillywood Show has the BEST parodies around! Not only did they do parodies for ALL the “Twilight” films but they did them perfectly! From costume to mannerisms, the peeps from Hillywood Show has The Cullens to a tee. The twist with these parodies is that Hillywood incorporates songs with each scenario. My favorite of the clips is the “Breaking Dawn Part 2” video that is SO good.

From the music to Carlisle’s voice, HISHE hit the nail right on the head with their take on “Twilight.” I think this video was probably the first Twi parody I saw and I still find it so funny. HISHE – How It Should Have Ended – share their idea of how popular films should have ended. I’m glad HISHE was wrong in their video; if Bella was turned in “Twilight” we wouldn’t of had the rest of the saga; whew!

I’ve watched enough Kristen Stewart interviews to know this girl from Barelypolitical on YouTube is Ki Ki’s evil twin! Her impression of Kristen is TOO good, it’s TOO GOOD! The first time I saw “Speak Like Kristen Stewart” I was cracking up! And it doesn’t help that she looks like her a little bit. I love my Ki but she has to admit this girl deserves some accolades. There is an entire chain of these videos where “Kristen Stewart” explains certain situations.

“Edward and Bella” – A BadLipReading, Jimmy Fallon’s “Bothered” and Stevie Ryan’s “Twilight Kiss”  are also some of my favs.

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