How Popular Horror Films Should Have Ended

The scariest day of the year is here. Halloween also known as All Hallows’ Eve. In the past October 31 was celebrated as a day to honor the dead and harvest festivals. Today Halloween is known as day for children of all ages to dress in costume as anything their hearts desires. It’s the one day when it’s expected to be something that you are not. Children usually go around their neighborhoods going door to door shouting ‘trick or treat’ hoping to get candy instead of a trick played on them.

My particular favorite thing about this holiday is the massive amount of horror films that come out into theaters and onto television around this season. I love horror films and the excitement of being scared. I once heard that people can almost get the same physical experience from being scared and laughing and that’s how I think the geniuses from HISHE ( How It Should Have Ended) created their hilarious spoofs on not only horror films but a number of popular movies. Take a look at a few of my favs below.

Happy Halloween Glamberous Ones!

“Paranormal Activity”



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