Shocker: Robsten Spotted…KISSING

*Insert high shrieks and gasps here* Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted KISSING!! I know right, I can’t believe it either. So soon after these star-crossed lovers were rumored to be calling it quits they are photographed showing major PDA.

The photo above was taken on October 17, yes YESTERDAY, at what is believed to be Kristen’s new house in L.A. Hollywood Life is reporting that “during their loving embrace, Kristen takes Rob’s hat off and puts in on her own head before they wrap their arms around one another and walk into the house.” Ohhhh, saucey. But it is rather strange she would wear two hats. *shrugs*

I am a Robsten fan and a supporter of the reconcile but I can admit that I agree with all the Twitter talk that something fishy is going on. I mean when has it been SO easy to catch Robsten cuteness in the act, NEVER! In the past these two have been basically CIA agents when it came to hiding any evidence that they were a couple nowadays these two are joined at the hip more publicly now and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I would hate to think that this is all one big publicity stunt to promote the finale “Twilight” saga. What do you think?

Thank you Popsugar and Robsten Spotted Kissing for all the photos and scoop!

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2 thoughts on “Shocker: Robsten Spotted…KISSING

  1. That would suck if it is just a publicity stunt. I’m hoping it’s not.

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