Heart Swoon: Robsten Spotted Post Cheating Scandal [Photos]

Rejoice Twihards and Robsten fans. The Hollywood gods have sounded their trumpets and brought America’s English Sweetheart and stamped trampire back together. Yes, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted all lovely, dovey in Los Angeles post cheating scandal.

Rumors have been swirling on the status of Robsten’s relationship ever since the infamous cheating story broke back in July. In recent weeks many gossip sites were claiming that Robbie and Ki Ki were in fact speaking again and even decided, well Rob decided, to give their relationship another go. With these very recent photos, and I mean this past weekend recent, it’s clear these two are able to at least look each other in the eye.

I admit, I was mad at Ki Ki regarding the cheating thing for like five minutes then I realized that celebs are human just like us and humans make mistakes. They lie, cheat, forgive and move on like we all should do. If you follow GGB you know I’m pretty much obsessed with Robbie and Ki Ki but what they do with their lives is their business and I’ll follow their careers and love lives regardless.

We can all comment and judge all we want but at the end of the day if these two crazy kids in love will continue to be together then we have no choice but to embrace it. And if this is the greatest publicity stunt of all time then they BOTH deserve Oscars and their publicist’s deserve raises!

While you decide if you’re team Robsten, team Kristen or team Rob, check out all the Robsten glory here.

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