Trailer Thursday: In Their Skin

As we get closer and closer to the scariest holiday we know as Halloween GGB will be in a true frightening spirit and will highlight upcoming horror films for the next few Trailer Thursday posts. This week let’s increase our nightmares with “In Their Skin.”

The IFC Film “In Their Skin” follows Mary and Mark Hughes (Selma Blair and Joshua Close) as they attempt to take some time away from the busy lifestyle and deal with a family tragedy with their son at a vacation cottage. It’s not long after the Hughes are there that they encounter a family, Jane, Bobby and their son, from the area that has a striking resemblance to them. As the trailer goes on we discover that Jane and Bobby are on the search for the perfect family that they cam become. YIKES!

Looking at the trailer I definitely get the feeling of “Funny Games” mixed with “The Strangers.” You know a story where a family or couple is isolated from any chance of getting help if needed and encounter some terrible happening that has them fearing for their lives. Any time of abduction or being held against your will scares me blind. Colored me petrified!

This film comes out after Halloween but you should still test your nerves with this one. “In Their Skin” will be in theaters November 9, 2012.

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