Spotted: Robert Pattinson Hangs Out in NYC

I’m getting real tired of your shit Pattinson. You keep coming in and out of New York and for the life of me I don’t know how you keep deactivating that tracking device but I can never met you!

OK, now that my rant is over we can discuss the semi bachelor life Robert Pattinson has been living in NYC over the past weekend. He’s been spotted drilling his name in a table at a bar, leaving meetings in Soho and taking a stroll in his signature beanie but the most publicized sighting came from a  hyped up moment with Robbie being spotted at Electric Room in Dream Hotel in NYC on Saturday, October 6 getting “up close” to a lady other than his beloved on-again girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

So of course that lead to MANY accusations and questions floating around about Rob’s “intimate” talk with the “mystery blonde.” Splash News is claiming “Robert only had eyes for the girl,” while Us Weekly brushed off those claims and are stating that nothing out of the ordinary for a busy NYC bar took place that night. Robbie was there simply hanging with pals Tom Sturridge, Sienna Miller and Michelle Trachtenberg and that girl’s ear was there for Robbie’s comfort.

The real question for me is how can this girl, whoever she is, be so close to the heavenly lips of America’s English sweetheart Robert Pattinson and remain consciousness. She must be an alien or somehow immune to the mass amount of sex appeal Robbie posses.

What’s your take on Robbie and the “mystery blonde?”

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4 thoughts on “Spotted: Robert Pattinson Hangs Out in NYC

  1. st desiona on said:

    that’s Sienna Miller!

  2. Time will tell what’s going on with Rob and Kristen. That photo is so blurry, I can’t believe people are making such a big deal of it.

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