Rolling With The Homies: The Cast of ‘Clueless’ Reunites

You are not “totally bugging;” the cast of cult classic ’90’s film “Clueless” has reunited after 17 years and they look incredible! Cher Horowitz, Dionne, Murray, Amber, Christian, Travis and Miss Geist sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss how the film changed their lives and pop culture.

Alicia Silverstone played “As If” Beverly Hills fashionista Cher Horowitz in the super chic 1995 film. Cher’s BFF Dionne (Stacey Dash) and nemesis Amber (Elisa Donovan) played major iconic female characters in the film later turned television series. Miss Toby Geist (Twink Caplan), Murray (Donald Faison), Christian (Justin Walker) and Travis (Breckin Meyer) all played memorable supporting cast members

The reunion of “Clueless” was both exciting for the cast and fans watching but the interview would not be complete unless the late Brittany Murphy was mentioned. Murphy played the fun-loving wannabe Tai who “rolled with the homies” and experienced the finer things in life and Beverly Hills once Cher and Dionne took her under their wing.The cast had nothing but great things to say when asked about their deceased cast mate. They remembered her “contagious laugh” fondly and Tai learning the word “sporadically.”

Thanks to this epic reunion I found out a few surprising facts about “Clueless.” Did you know that Stacey Dash was twenty-seven when she signed on to play Dionne? And that I Was a Teenage Teenager and Clueless in California were some of the original working titles for the film.

Overall the cast looks great and it was good to see some of our favs back together! Which cult classic film cast would you like to see back together again?


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