Trailer Thursday: The Details

What do you get when you mix murder, infidelity, raccoons and suburbia? Jacob Aaron Estes’ upcoming film “The Details.”

“Spiderman” Tobey Maguire stars as Jeff, a bored and desperate husband and father, in the dark comedy about a bizarre chain of events that erupt after a family of raccoons take over Jeff’s backyard. Elizabeth Banks plays the role of Jeff’s nonchalant wife Nealy Lang who seems oblivious to the martial issues her husband is feeling.

The trailer of the film starts off with voice over from Maguire’s character talking about times in life when something disastrous happens and then a piano falls on him on the side of the street. I’m not sure if that really happened or if it was just something in his mind but if that’s not a good way to get a trailer started then I don’t know what is!

Throughout the clip we get introduced to the common life of Jeff and how dissatisfied he is with things. He then travels down a twisted road by having an affair with Lila (Laura Linney), who ends up preggo. He seeks solace in Rebecca (Kerry Washington), a friend of Jeff’s with similar martial issues and these two start messing around. Later Jeff is confronted by Peter (Ray Liotta), Rebecca’s husband, and threatens to take him down. Then we see Jeff buying poison offline and plotting a murder. And I almost forgot to mention the adorable raccoon in the bathroom. Color me intrigued!

Will you be a stickler for “The Details?” The film is in theaters November 2.


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