Trailer Thursday: The Collection

The trailer for “The Collection” is so good I have to give all my Glamberous Ones a double whammy for Trailer Thursday this week.

“The Collection” is a follow-up from the 2009 film “The Collector“. In that film we are introduced to a sick nameless manic just known as The Collector that simply does that but this collection is truly bizarre. He tortures, kills and collects people.

The new film, “The Collection” The Collector ups his game A LOT! Josh Stewart reprises his role as Arkin from the first film. He’s the only known survivor from The Collector’s twisted game. This film is very much reminiscent of SAW, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Arkin pulled an Amanda and was apart of the scheme the entire time. The trailer is very intense to say the least filled with demented, booby trapped rooms and buildings that depict groups of people being murdered.

In the last film, Arkin was added to the collection and this film shows his escape. The Collector sets his eyes on a new trophy, Elena. During an entrapment party, Elena is caught while Arkin makes a run for his life only to be forced to team up with a team of mercenaries who were hired to rescue Elena. Talk about a film with twists and turns. I was very captivated, no pun intended, by the first one so I am excited to see this follow up story.

“The Collection” will be in theaters on Black Friday, November 30, 2012.

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