Trailer Thursday: Texas Chainsaw 3D

OK to be honest, really, do we NEED another “Texas Chainsaw” movie? I mean how many times can you be interested in a bunch of thrown off cooks from Texas who like to lure unexpected people into a horrific and painful death. Oh, Trey Songz is in this one? And he’s shirtless? Well, maybe “Texas Chainsaw 3D” DOES has something to offer. Let’s dig deeper.

This time around the story centers around Heather Miller, played by Alexandra Daddario. Miller travels with friends to the Hewitt Estate to collect an inheritance; little does she know she’s about to encounter much more than she expected. *DUN,DUN,DUN*

The rest of the story is simple: drugs, fear, blood, needle and thread, human cut-off faces, shirtless Trey Songz, dead hotties, screams, chainsaws, policemen who serve no aid at all, running, hiding, ya know the usual Texas massacre material.

We have to wait a little while to see Leatherface again though. “Texas Chainsaw 3D” isn’t in theaters until January 4, 2013. Do you want to see a 3D chainsaw in your face?

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2 thoughts on “Trailer Thursday: Texas Chainsaw 3D

  1. brittany sloan on said:

    Although Texas Chainsaw is my movie, we do not need a 3D movie. 3D movies suck (just my opinion) and I know its probably just going to be a let down!!!! Love you Ambie!!! Keep up the good work!!

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