Robsten Reunited?

Twi-hards let’s organize the parade and sound the alarms! PEOPLE, the bible of the entertainment world, has spoken and they are reporting that a Robsten reunion is slowly happening and I am elated! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together?!

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PEOPLE says a “source” close to Robbie is saying  his friends think “they’ll be a couple again” and although he wanted to move on, it is “easier said than done … and clearly harder than expected.” The full story will be in this week’s issue on newsstands Friday.

Now I can admit when I am wrong. I was ready to bet my first-born that a Robsten reunion would never happen but I guess anything is possible if you want it bad enough. Looks like I’ll have to abort my plan to kidnap Robbie “Misery” style now that he’s kind of off the market…again. All this speculation of ‘are they – aren’t they’ can be put to rest within the next couple of months when “Breaking Dawn” promotion time starts. Gosh, I am excited!

Have your prayers been answered? How do you feel about the Robsten reconcile?

P.S. THEE laugh of my day came from Entertainment Weekly . Check out their hilarious take on the Robsten reunion.

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2 thoughts on “Robsten Reunited?

  1. I hate that robsten is back together. wth? she hurt him. he deserves better
    I am still a fan of her acting, but really hate her lifestyle choices sometimes

    • I know! It’s messed up that she made that stupid decision and I would love to blame it on her age and immaturity. I do love her movies and overtime I hope people will begin to forget the situation. I do really feel for Rob cause he seems like a real sweetie and really loves her and sometimes you really can’t help who you love. He may really need her.

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