GGB Fashion Focus: Khoca The King

New York Fashion Week may be in hiatus until next season but here at GGB we are still buzzing and interested in all aspects of the fashion world. Meet King Khoca, an aspiring model from the Midwest, who didn’t sit around dreaming about a career as a model, he went and made it happen. Khoca is the highlight in this edition of GGB: Fashion Focus.

Originally from the South Side of Chicago, Khoca decided one summer it was time for him to make his dreams a reality. “In the summer of 2011, I moved to New York City, with a duffle bag of clothes and forty bucks,” Khoca says to GGB as he recalls the summer his life changed. “Its been a year and I have so much more than what I started with.”

Within a year’s time Khoca’s decision to move to New York was paying off in a major way. He landed an agent, signed to a modeling agency and was booking photo shoots and fashion shows all over the city. Khoca states he owes his success to the people closest in his heart, “I did not do it alone, there were a handful of people who believed in me and helped me get to the awesome position I’m in now,” he says.

In this position he has discovered the industry has its up and down moments. “What I have learned in this business is that sometimes you have very slow periods and then at a drop of a dime that can change,” he says referring to one of his busy days. “There have been days that I literally run to meet several different appointments in different areas in New York City. Those days are usually very busy and exciting!”

So on his down time, where does Khoca seek inspiration? His answer may surprise you. “To be honest, I can not say that I am inspired by other models as much as I am inspired by the men in my life or the everyday man,” he says. “In photo shoots and on the runway, I find myself channeling my brother or the common guy I see in my neighborhood every day. The natural swag of the everyday man is what inspires me.”

With an inspiring and indeed striking look, I asked Khoca to give GGB an idea of how to “smize” and stand out in a photo. “A fierce frame, to me, is one that captivates the viewer and instantly tells a story,” he boasts. “When it comes to a “smize”, my technique is to gaze though the camera lens, not at it, and breathe through your eyes.”

Khoca has come a long way from the time he left Chicago. Everyday he’s evolving and working towards an extensive and successful career as a model. He dreams of one major magazine to work with. “A dream of mine is to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine! To work with that team would be amazing!”

For aspiring models out there, Khoca offers you these words of wisdom. “My advice to someone who wants to model is research professional models. Then discover where you fit in and what sets you apart,” he says. “Know that you have to posses way more than just a cute face. If you have what it takes, stay true to your dreams, network and go for it!”

Currently Khoca is signed to Identities Inc. and lives in NYC. You can find him on the runway this weekend! He’ll be walking for New York’s Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, which he is so excited about, “I am looking forward to this being my favorite experience so far!”

Chat with Khoca on Twitter, @KingKhoca, and check out his portfolio on Facebook, just search King Khoca.

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One thought on “GGB Fashion Focus: Khoca The King

  1. laura lawrence on said:

    Proud of u Khoca. Great article Glambergirl!

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