NYFW Spotlight: Karl Lagerfeld

Well, that’s all folks. Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone. Today, September 13, marks the end of a week of fashion, exclusive events, stylish celebrities and high-profile fashion shows in New York City. But as we say our farewells and plan for next season’s fashion event, GGB will spotlight one last fashion pioneer in NYFW Spotlight. We started with mother hen of the fashion world with Anna Wintour so we must end with the father, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

Born in Germany, Karl Lagerfeld grew up in a wealthy environment and developed an interest in design and fashion at an early age.  Lagerfeld was the type of child who would cut pictures out of fashion magazines and was very critical of what other students would wear to school. At the age of fourteen, Lagerfeld packed up and moved to Paris alone. After two  years he developed a portfolio of sketches and fabric samples and submitted his work to a design competition. Karl won first place in the coat category along with meeting, now close friend, Yves Saint Laurent.

Big buzz started to generate around Lagerfeld as a designer. He worked full-time with French designer Pierre Balmain but left that position three years in. He worked with another fashion house until creating his own in 1961. While maintaining his own, Karl has designed collections for many big brands in the industry such as Chloe, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, and most notably with Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld’s uncanny bright white hair, black sunglasses and all black attire makes him a staple in the fashion industry that can’t be mistaken or ever forgotten.

Fun Fact about Karl Lagerfeld, nobody knows his birthday. It’s been reported that he was born on September 10, 1933 but Lagerfeld himself never revealed the date.

I hope you all enjoyed New York Fashion Week and NYFW Spotlight! Can’t wait for another season!

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