Question of the Day: Is Kristen Stewart and James Franco Dating?

Now hold up Robsten fans, don’t get you sparkly panties in a bunch. This post is simply playing of rumors but I want to dig a little further into the possibilities. I may be one of the biggest advocates for a campaign for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to get back together, *sends order for ‘Team Robsten’ T-shirts*, but when I heard the latest rumor of Ki Ki and Franco maybe, possibly going on a date, I didn’t hate it.

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But the real funny thing is when I hear dating rumors for Robbie I’m like, nooooo, evil women stay away from Kristen’s man, but the idea of her with James Franco is so intriguing to me. Franco has gone on record to defend Ki’s acting choices and overall talent. He even went as far as to write a Huffington Post  article about his views on the actress. So can we please talk about why they would make a compatible match. They both swear like drunk sailors, they have a laid back feel about being a celebrity, they’re both smoking hot and I feel he could give her a needed boost to change-up her career.

There are however mixed opinions about what really is happening or not happening when it comes to Stewart and Franco. Radar Online is saying the two crossed paths at the Toronto International Film Festival recently. The two allegedly were very flirty and talked for 20 minutes. Franco was even bold enough to ask the starlet out. “Sources” are saying she hesitantly refused. But the peeps at Gossip Cop say “sources” tell them they never crossed paths so definitely no flirting or date offers happened.

Who to believe, who to believe? I guess only time will tell. Do you like the idea of Franco and Stewart hook up?

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