GGB Remember 9/11

We often hear about those events that happen when you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing. September 11th is one of those days.

I remember being in 8th grade and watching the footage on television in class about the Twin Towers being hit. We were asked to write down any descriptive words we heard as an assignment and shortly after we were instructed to go straight home. I was excited to go home and watch my favorite soap opera but had no idea how serious things were. I remembering going home and every channel was covering the horrible tragedy. The more footage I watched, the more terrified and sad I felt and I remember just bawling crying. Even today, hearing stories about that day from people who were directly involved and experienced it brings that emotion right back. September 11th will NEVER be forgotten.

GGB wants to take a post to remember all those that were lost as a result of the horrific attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001. All those who lost someone in the Twin Towers in New York City, I hope everyday things get a little easier. For all the brave men and women that helped during that day, I thank you. And for all those who continue to work against acts of terrorism, I thank you as well.

Everyday we should be thankful for everything and everyone we have in our lives. So go tell someone you love them and appreciate your life on this Earth.

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