FNO: Glambergirl Meets Kellan Lutz

It was love at first hug! Fashion Night Out, FNO, the official kick off to New York Fashion Week, proved to be a very eventful one filled with stylish people, delectable hors d’oeuvre, exquisite champagne and oh yeah my new boyfriend Kellan Lutz! Sorry Robbie but I have a new leading Cullen in my life.

For FNO, Kellz, my new affectionate nickname for him, brought Charismaa “luxuriously soft, pure Egyptian cotton” bedding, to Bloomingdale’s. During his appearance, press got to interview the “Twilight” star, who plays Emmett Cullen, about the new line of bedding and fans got to mix and mingle with him as well.

Now can we please talk about how Kellan and I were two seconds from making out; OK maybe that was just in my perverted fantasy but I will tell you about my blissful encounter with him. As I waited for a fan to finish her time with Kellz I was rocking to Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat” and when she cleared the way I slowly danced my way up to him. We exchanged hello’s and I told him I hear he gives the best hugs, in which he replied, “well bring it in.” Our hug lasted for about an eternity with us whispering sweet nothings in each others ear as he swayed me back and forth in his buff arms. During my hugged daze he asked how was it and I replied with a “it’s amazing.” He said his mom taught him well.

After our hug ended, he proceeded to sign a picture of himself for me when he said, “that’s a great color on you,” referring to my dress. I’m surprised I’m still alive to write this post cause I think in that instance I died, came back, hovered over myself and replayed that moment on repeat. I thanked him and told him to have a great fashion week and he may or may have not winked at me. See, I’ve met my fair share of “Twilight” cast members but I can honestly say meeting Kellan Lutz was the BEST experience. He was charming, friendly and took his time with each fan. Such a great FNO!

P.S. Ladies, he is SMOKING hot in person, he has a strong grip on his hugs, he smells like angels bathing in heavenly water, and meeting him is a very satisfying moment. satisfied Pictures, Images and Photos

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3 thoughts on “FNO: Glambergirl Meets Kellan Lutz

  1. haha i was there too! we danced and sung together to “we are young” and he brought it in for a hug. (BEST HUG EVER). You’re right, he’s so gorgeous in person! even pictures don’t do him justice. glad u had a great experience as well!

    • Amazing!! I’m so glad he got to see many fans. That was my first time meeting him and I hope it won’t be my last! I need like a Kellan hug fix now. Did you get a good pic? Let’s see it! 🙂

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