NYFW: GGB Fashion Focus – The Mika Mo

Today is September 6 so that means New York Fashion Week has officially kicked off! To start the festivities of the fabulous week cities all over the country celebrate an unofficial holiday we know as Fashion Night Out, FNO. A night where celebrities, fashion houses, designers, stylists, models and the glam consumers of all things beauty and fashion get one night to mix and mingle. In light of this glorious event today’s GGB Fashion Focus will introduce you to an upcoming stylist by the name of MIKA MO!

When you first lay eyes on Tamika Toler you will not only be taken away by her beauty but by her impeccable gift to create moving art in the form of clothes. Originally from Washington, D.C., Toler moved to North New Jersey to be closer to the fashion capital of the world, New York City, to pursue her dreams to becoming a celebrity stylist. Let’s back track and find out how Toler got to her position today.

Not attending a fashion school did not stop the passion Toler had to be a stylist. “I actually didn’t attend a fashion school, but I did take a few fashion classes,” she says. “I’ve always loved fashion. Fashion really is who I am and what I think about all day long, LITERALLY!!!!”

 In October 2011, The Mika Mo was born. Tamika breaks down the idea behind The Mika Mo and its name for GGB. “The idea behind “Mika Mo” was to showcase my talents along with providing fashion tips, styling services, image consulting to people who are in fashion crisis, and to people who are just too busy to style themselves,” she explains. Now on to the name. “Mika Mo is actually my name with a few letters chopped off! Mika comes from Tamika which is my first name. Mo comes from Monique which is my middle name. Put them together and you get Mika Mo.”

 Being a stylist, Tamika has a very clear idea about the distinctions between fashion and style. “To me fashion is a creative expression of who you are. Fashion isn’t just dressing one particular way, its expressing yourself creatively through your clothes. Style is setting trends and not following them.” And style she has. Tamika goes on to explaining her personal style. “The thing about my style is that it changes depending on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I can be very colorful and bright; while other times I can be very modern and classic, and other times I can be funky and rebellious,” she says. “I guess that one word to describe my style “FUN!”

 Dressing clients is also another fun aspect of Tamika’s styling career and she would love to work with Sarah Jessica Parker one day. “My ideal client is Sarah Jessica Parker. What’s better than having a client you can learn from along with teaching them a thing or two.” Getting clients to step out of their comfort zone and embrace change is an objective for The Mika Mo. Every true stylist will be frantic during NYFW but they often find time to indulge in the fun and catch a show or two. So where can you find The Mika Mo this fashion week? She’ll be at the Monique Ihuillier runway fashion show of course.

Currently, Tamika Toler is a stylist for a modeling agency in NYC as well as a freelance stylist for her company The Mika Mo. For bookings, contact and a peek at The Mika Mo’s portfolio check out .

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    “Pretty gurl does it again!!!!!!!, Meek Pretty Girl sw@ggg iz on the 100……”

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