Goodbye Summer 2012

Well, today is September 3, Labor Day and that marks the officially end of the summer. Where did the time go? Don’t be too sad Glamberous Ones, we always have next summer to look forward to. To help you cope; take a look at a few of my favorite summer movies.

“Adventureland” How fun would it be to spend the summer with your friends at an amusement park? James didn’t like the idea at first but working at the local amusement park working the games turned out to be an interesting choice for the summer. Although the kids in this movie went through some crazy stuff, overall it still was a blast.

“White Chicks” All the super chic people always summer in the Hamptons. Brittany and Tiffany Wilson sure knew how to unwind and soak up the sun, well rather Kevin and Marcus did AS Brittany and Tiffany. They got to hang on the beach and attend an exclusive all white party. FUN!

Summertime Switch ” There’s no better time than the summer to get mistaken for somebody else and end up doing something completely different during the summer. That’s what happened to Fast Freddie Egan and Frederick Egan III. These two got to experience another lifestyle and break out of their comfort zones. Their summer’s didn’t turn out so bad.

“(500) Days of Summer” Nothing compares to a summer romance! The excitement of meeting someone new with no promise of how it will turn out can be fun or it could be scary as hell. On some rare occasions that love can transfer over into other seasons but like Tom, on other occasions things just do not go your way. Thank God for Autumn.

I hope you all enjoyed the funnel cake at the shore, the roller coasters with the warm air blowing in your face, soaking up the sun on the beach and, for most, no school. Now it’s time we bid adieu to summer 2012 officially and welcome the cooler weather, super chic fall coats and a colorful array of scarfs.

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