B2S Week: Get Glam and Get Involved!

We’ve gone through an entire week on posts to get you motivated and excited about going back to school. Now it’s time to really think about ways to take full advantage of this school year and get involved in some extracurricular activities. Below get inspired from school themed films of what you can do this school year.

Bring It On You don’t need to have a full on cheer down like the girls from “Bring It On” but cheerleading can be a good way to build confidence, make friends and you’ll be in shape like crazy. “Knock ’em down, Roll ’em around, Come on defense, Work!”

Coach Carter “Coach Carter” is a good film that shows the importance of work and play. It’s nothing wrong with being fully dedicated to a sport like basketball but it’s also equally important to maintain good grades and to be in the library as much as you are in the gym.

Get Over It For all the drama kids out there consider joining a play. In “Get Over It” the story may have revolved around Berke Landers getting over a bad break up but it still heavily focused on the school’s spring musical. Show off your talents this year.

Grease You don’t have to be a rebel all the time to get the girl. Danny Zuko from “Grease” earned his letterman jacket by joining the track team. And good thing he did. I mean how else could he remain so fit to squeeze into those skinny leather pants.

John Tucker Must Die A fun way to train yourself for that reporting job is to practice while in school like Carrie from “John Tucker Must Die.” Most schools have campus based television/radio stations and newspapers where you can express your opinion on a number of topics. With so much technology today, just grab your smart phone and create a report about a school event.

Whatever you do Glamberous Ones be sure it’s something you find pleasure in doing. You could even venture out and try something new. You may discover a hidden talent; be adventurous. So enjoy the holiday weekend but keep in mind another school year is right around the corner. Be productive, get involved and have a glamberous school year!

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