B2S Week: The Glamberous Faculty

What is school without its leaders? And I’m not talking about class presidents. I mean the teachers, administration, counselors, principals; the faculty! Here’s a look at those fabulous members of the faculty in pop culture, not only in the style department but in the fact that they make school just that much more interesting.

Mr. Duvall One of the coolest principals around, Mr. Duvall from “Mean Girls” ruled North Shore High School with his nonchalant attitude of a student. He handled things when we he needed to and served as comedic relief in the film. “Let’s make some noise” for Mr. Duvall.

Ms. Norbury The queen of the mathletes, “Mean Girls” Ms. Norbury was math teacher by day and bartender at night. Talk about a lady with options! Ms. Norbury was the type of teacher to encourage you to do your best and would be genuinely worried to see you fail. An encouraging teacher always gets an A+ in my grade book.

Mr. Belding Bay Side wouldn’t have been anything with Mr. Belding from “Saved By The Bell.” He practically puts to the ‘B’ in Bay Side. Mr. B was really one of the principal’s who laid down the law but always had your back if you needed help. He even allowed high school’s resident hunk Zack Morris to play principal for the day. Now that’s an office I would want to visit all the time!

Ms. Finster Yes, Ms. Finster was sort of a bitch. Yes, she was barking at kids left and right on the television show “Recess” but only a strong woman can demand that amount of respect and maintain that much order on the playground. Plus she had her own personal snitch to do most of her work for her, BONUS! All the while she looked very chic in her black, cat-eye reading glasses and vintage yellow, peter pan collar dress.

Professor Oglevee “Heyyyyy Professor!” Professor Oglevee from “The Parkers” was indeed considered apart of the gang. We got to see how he interacted with his students but also how he was in his personal life. The professor had to deal with crazy student Nikki Parker who also was in love with him. The arguments those two had made for a great show.

Who would get an A+ in your dream faculty?

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