B2S Week: Glamberously Uniformed

I remember back in middle school I hated wearing a uniform to school. I felt like I couldn’t be myself and not to mention the blue plaid skirts and blue peter pan collar shirts were NOT flattering. In high school, I began to develop my fashion style and the idea of having to wear a uniform wasn’t so bad. It gave me the perfect opportunity to accessorize! In this ‘B2S Week’ post we’ll take a look at uniforms in some television shows.

Will Smith not only stood out at Bel Air Academy because of his outgoing personality but because he was the only one in the entire school who cared to take a fashion risk and wear two jackets to school. Yes, Will from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” wore the standard navy suit jacket as part of his uniform but he also paired it with a bright red and gold, paisley blazer, which I LOVE. Glamberous Style Tip: Layering can be fun if you do it right. Look to contrast colors and patterns to make a fun, unique look to your uniform.

The ladies of  Constance Billar from “Gossip Girl” sure live for a pop of color which really accents the navy blue color pallet of their prep school. I fell in love with “Gossip Girl” mainly because of the clothes and the style the characters had. Glamberous Style Tip: A pop of color can change a dull uniform into an eye-catching ensemble. So go bold and bright this fall.

Now Blair Waldorf is so special she deserves a highlighted look at her uniform style. She is the epitome of modern, vintage chic. B.W. is all about the pencil skirts, peter pan ties and kitten heels. Glamberous Style Tip: Want to be super vintage this fall? Look for a tuxedo collared shirt, you know the ones with the pointed tips, to create a dignified look. Also play around with a variety of neck accessories like bow ties, which I love, collared necklaces and a patterned scarf that you could drape to your leisure.

Take a look at some other great uniforms here. Will you be glamberously uniformed this school year?


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