A Glamberous Review: Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” has been one hell of a movie to explain. When I first heard of the plot; I didn’t get it. As the cast tried to explain the plot; I didn’t get it. And now that I FINALLY saw the film I am glad to say; I still didn’t get it! Davie Cronenie B, my affectionate name for Cronenberg, has successfully mind f*cked us all; well at least for me, but I can say the film, based off Don DeLillo’s novel, did have many great moments although it completely flew over my head.

Robert Pattinson: The Actor Mr. Pattinson where have you been all my life? One thing I can say about Robbie’s performance was that I didn’t see a hint of Edward Cullen. His portrayal of self destructing billionaire Eric Packer on a ride in a very envy worthy limo across Manhattan was very convincing to me. Packer was a self obsessed, shallow man who really has no emotional or physical ties to nothing or no one; i.e his money or his new wife Elise, which Rob nailed. This role was the perfect transition for Robbie to go from bubble gum overnight sensation to an up and coming actor.

The Dialogue I failed philosophy so I had a hard time keeping up with the theory behind the film and it’s dialogue but somehow I found it intriguing and beautiful. The score attached to each monologue matched the feel of the character speaking it and the mood of the atmosphere. “Cosmopolis” is not based off a play but I feel like it was. With the extensive dialogue each character had I almost feel it would have been better translated into a play; although if it had we wouldn’t be able to sse all those cool effects that white, stretch limo could do. The dialogue was very poetic.

The Scenes For a film that mostly takes place in a limo a LOT happens. Eric Packer’s life revolves around his business and much of his business takes place in his limo. He has his weekly doctor’s exam in his limo, his business meetings and sex. The high tech limo is equipped with many things: a toilet, monitors to track currency around the world, a bar and windows that tint to have the appearance of midnight; just to name a few. Key people in Packer’s life enter and exit the limo as if a ride in the moving office is a thing of the norm. The few times Packer leaves the security of his car he ends up in the middle of restaurant protest, has sex with one of his security guards, kills another and ends up facing an eminent demise of his own.

The Review Overall, “Cosmopolis” is a film that has scenes that will definitely stick with you. I have ones that I still can’t get out of my head; and not just the hot limo and hotel sex Packer has. The film is very poetic and visually dynamic with a great supporting cast that allowed Pattinson to shine. This is a film you should see a few times so you could really catch all the different elements the movie has to offer.

You should know what time it is? Time to get in the limo!

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3 thoughts on “A Glamberous Review: Cosmopolis

  1. Awesome review my friend. He did such a great job portraying this character. It was confusing but the dialog was intense and I agree with you that it sounded poetic. The hotel scene was hot!!!!!

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