Trailer Thursdays: Lawless

I didn’t think Shia LaBeouf could be any hotter but apparently he can and with an accent! LaBeouf has a new film, “Lawless”, set to hit theaters at the end of this month.

In the trailer we find the three, very sexy Bondurant brothers ( Forrest – Tom Hardy, Jack – Shia LaBeouf, and Howard – Jason Clarke) running a bootlegging operation during the depression, in the mountains of Franklin County, Virginia. After noticing the huge profit from the booze business, shady and crooked Special Deputy Charles Rakes (Guy Pearce) decides he wants a share from the profits.

Insert trouble! Like the Bondurant brothers don’t have enough problems with competitors now the Special Deputy is hot on their trail. After a wounded Forrest, the more outspoken brother, threatens to slow down the family biz, Jack, LaBeouf, steps up and turns into one badass exhibitionist. The plot is simple but the trailer is action packed!

“Lawless” is set to hit theaters August 29, 2012? Will you relive the great depression and check out the film?

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