Question of the Day: What’s Kristen Stewart Up To?

So what does one do after a huge cheating scandal has consumed your everyday life is a question only my Ki Ki aka Kristen Stewart could answer these days. And the answer to that seems to be nothing, you do absolutely nothing.

After the public apology Stewie made about her brief affair with married director Rupert Sanders I haven’t believed any other reports about the matter. Now the rumor mill has been a brewing with all types of stories like Robbie changing his phone number to avoid all contact with Kristen, Ki being banned from Robbie’s New York City “Cosmopolis” premiere, Ki reading hate mail from fans to make herself feel worst and the list just goes on and on.

I can only believe what has been officially proven and this is the latest I know with Kristen. She has been spotted in LA leaving a gym. Many believed it was to get fit for her sexed up role in “Cali” but that is not the case since recently Ki has dropped the project. Gossip Cop revealed the actress has stepped down as the lead role in the film and her doppelganger Amber Heard is rumored to replace her. There has been no word yet if Ki will continue to executive produce the film.

I also know Kristen looks sups amaze in this candid shot with “On The Road” co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley from the latest Marie Claire issue. Red is SO her color. I don’t know but it’s something about this photo that is sexy but yet subtly posed. I live for it. And speaking of OTR, Ki may not make an appearance to promote the movie. The film is set to premiere soon and rumor has it Ki does not want to walk the carpet. “Sources” are claiming she’s just not ready to face the media. That’s a rumor I can at least understand.

Looks like we won’t really see K around until it comes to “Breaking Dawn Part 2” promotion time. I just hope by then the calm can be reached from this storm, people will take it easy on the actress and us Twihards can just enjoy the end of our saga.

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