Photo Opp: Renesmee and Bella Share a Moment

Twihards our Monday has just been made! A new still from “Breaking Dawn Part 2” has been released thanks to the upcoming Entertainment Weekly Fall Preview issue set to hit newsstands Friday, August, 10.

In the new still we see a beautiful vampire Bella Cullen with her equally beautiful hybrid, half-vampire, half-human, child Renesmee sharing an intimate moment inside a tent. From the looks of it this scene is right before the epic battle with the vamps and the Volturi from the book where Bella gives Nessie a pendant necklace of Bella and papa Eddie Culls. *swoon* Rumor has it that isn’t the only new still we’ll get from the anticipated November 16th  film in this week’s Entertainment Weekly issue.

excitement gif Pictures, Images and PhotosI don’t know about you but I am booming with excitement. And to think we only have 101 days, 9 hours, 24 minutes and, at this moment, 51 seconds until we get to see the final installment. Are you loving the new still?

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