Question of the Day: Are We All Americans at Heart?

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It’s so mind-blowing to me when I find out about actors or actresses that have fooled me and possibly the world into thinking they are American born. Many of Hollywood’s brightest and beloved stars had me convinced that the American accent that they speak so well is nothing but a sham to disguise the fact they are not from here. OK, enough of the dramatics but it is totally unfair that the beautiful people of tinsel town can so easily switch on and off their American accent but if I even attempt a British or Aussie accent I sound like a complete idiot. Still in the dark of what I mean,  check out my list of actors/actresses who have perfected the English accent.

Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale In the battle of the Kates’ who has the more convincing American accent? Who can forget Winslet’s iconic role as Rose DeWitt Bukater in “Titanic” where she played a poor little rich girl who fell in love on a doomed shipped. I really did not know Winslet was British until I started to watch her in interviews. Beckinsale has done roles where her London accent shines, most recently in “Total Recall” with Colin Farrell. But I remember Beckinsale fondly from “Click” and “Pearl Harbor” where no hint of accent showed.

Idris Elba I seriously had NO idea the sexy Idris Elba was from East London. I was just minding my own business, watching The Critics Choice Awards when Elba went to accept an award. The moment he spoke my eyes shot up to the television screen in total shock. Elba has had many roles where he showed no hint of an English accent.

Charlize Theron I knew Charliza was from South Africa but I never heard her talk in her accent and Perez Hilton brought up a good point about her. She is one the few celebs that continues to speak in an American accent after the camera has stopped rolling. I wonder why she does not speak in her native tongue on a reg.

Robert Pattinson The accent that forever makes us swoon. Robbie should SO do audio books because there just isn’t enough of that accent on the market. Many of Robbie’s roles required for his to speak in an American accent, which he does oh so well. His role in “Bel Ami” however required him to speak with a Parisian accent which made the movie that much better.

Do you know any other members of Hollywood’s elite that have perfected the American accent?

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