The Quest for Christian Grey! Part Duex

Your twitching palms and lip bites have been brought to my attention! It seems you, the readers, can not get enough of the first ‘Quest for Christian Grey’ post I did just over a month ago. I am still very much and will always be on the Bomer for Grey wagon, but I thought I’d do some research and offer up some more prospective dominants to get all of our minds buzzing about Christian Grey yet again.

Kostas Martakis I know, who the hell is Kostas Martakis? I thought the same thing myself but when I discovered this photo of Martakis the question of who is he turned into wanting to know who he is. Konstantinos “Kostas” Martakis is a Greek singer and model and is known from a Greek talent show, Dream Show. I know what you’re thinking, but can he act? When you look that godly does it really matter? Since he is VERY unknown that would be a good way for us to get to know him in the role of Mr. Grey because he so has the look.

Henry Cavill I’m so sorry I didn’t see this before! HENRY CAVILL! The hot British actor who is known for playing may period pieces roles. Cavill had a role in The Tudors but I remember him fondly for playing Melot in “Tristan + Isolde,” which he was pretty hot and angry in, a must for Mr. Fifty. I’m finding out that it’s MANY great looking English gents. (Mental Note: Get a passport)

Chris Pine Yes, yes, yes! Mr. Pine sure is fine and looks great in a well-tailored suit! Chris Pine definitely has the tall, dark and handsome factor down. He recently played in “This Means War” as a top-notch CIA agent so he has the tactics of giving good background checks, we know Fifty loves those. Plus, Pine played a smart-talking gentleman in “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement,” which will come in use for the sharp-tongued Anastasia Steele.

Your thoughts on the latest batch of Christian Grey hopefuls?


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