In My Mind: Robert Pattinson Meltdown!

I swear I’m almost done talking about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal. All the info coming out these days from “sources” I really do not trust. It’s a bunch of he-said, she-said talk hyping up an already heighten situation BUT I immediately thought back to Robbie’s “Bel Ami” meltdown when I heard about Ki Ki cheating on him.

This was by far my FAVORITE part in “Bel Ami.” When Georges Duroy, Pattinson, full on goes OFF on Virginie Rousset, Kristin Scott Thomas, I really pictured this is how Robbie may have reacted when Kristen broke the news to him about her infidelity. Don’t pay too much attention to the convo, actually, put the video on mute and picture this. Rob is Rob and Kristin is Kristen, with a -en. She’s explaining to Robbie that she can’t stop the pictures from leaking and that she made a mistake and that she’s sorry and all that, now turn the volume back up around 2:20 and that’s how Robbie probably reacted in my mind. Again, don’t pay too much attention to what he’s actually saying but the emotion behind his words. And at 2:41, man could there be any words more true for this situation?

After I saw this scene I was screaming SOMEBODY give this man an Oscar! Does this put the mental image of how Robbie reacted to this scandal for you?

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One thought on “In My Mind: Robert Pattinson Meltdown!

  1. German girl, they keep printing that stuff, b/c they know it will incsaere hits on their websites and it will sell magazines. NONE of that has to be true.*I* could write, Oh, my cousin works at (that hotel they were at together ) and SAW Rob with a tall blonde woman- not KS- but my cousin didn’t want to say anything b/c the hotel has a strict policy about talking to the media, blah, blah, blah. And people would read that online and believe it. I just made it up, but since you read it on the Internet- it must be true. Let me add a fuzzy pic of Rob with his sister- and THERE! You have Rob dating a tall blonde! I have read Rob was with KS at 10 PM- and then people have blogged back, No, they were NOT there, WE were there and they were nowhere to be seen. I’ve read the tabloids report from a source’ that they SAW those two together- getting their marriage license, going to a real estate office, picking out flatware, kissing at a concert , checking into a hotel together, KS giving birth- none of that has been proven, but people still believe it. And all those people are going to stand in line to pay to see New Moon. $$$$And Summit LOVES it.So, no, we will see NO abatement of this nonsense until Breaking Dawn is released on DVD. By then, there will be no more Edward and Bella to sell. THAT’S what the media wants you to believe- that Edward and Bella are real- like Pinocchio. Did you believe that they were getting married? That KS was going to be all dolled up to get Rob back at Comic Con b/c he was dating Emilie in NYC? That KS was pregnant? That they- at 19 and 23- were buying a home together? That they were holed up together in a hotel room? C’mon. None of these things were EVER proven to be true- yet some people believe them- all b/c these fantasy tabloids told you they happened. And it’s not going away any time soon.

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