Update: Rob MOVES OUT

Well it seems everybody should give Robert Pattinson a round of applause. He finally made a move and by move I mean packed up his sh*t and left the home he shared with Kristen Stewart in LA. Robbie’s decision to move out comes from the news of girlfriend, well not so much now, Kristen cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders.

PEOPLE confirmed Rob has left the building and it’s possible he won’t be coming back. “I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from this,” says one source close to the couple. The source continues to say that Rob is “heartbroken and angry” and has been in seclusion. He has not been in contact with Stewart, which is understandable.

I know many are happy and proud of this gesture. For Robbie standing up for himself and not falling prey to what many believe are empty apologizes from Kristen, but I can’t help but to feel less than enthusiastic.

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I know what Kristen did was wrong and at this moment Robbie does need time to heal and moving out is the smart decision but I feel sadden by this latest update. Deep in my heart I’m hoping over time they work it out. Lord, I can’t take another Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams incident. Dear Lord, maybe it’s a MTV Movie Award ‘Best Kiss’ curse!!
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Sue me, I’m still hoping for a reconciliation. Are you Team Rob or Team Kristen?

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7 thoughts on “Update: Rob MOVES OUT

  1. Erica on said:

    Team Rob all the way. I don’t hate Kristen as she is human and makes mistakes. But It’s Rob man! He didn’t deserve this humiliation or disrespect. He was too good to her. Hope he finds a way to forgive in the future but he shouldn’t go back to her.

    • I agree, but I would love to see them back together. Don’t shoot fire. I think Rob was extremely good to her and truly loved her and what she did was heinous. I think he still will love her but since things were SO public I don’t think he’d stay. *sad face* I LOVE Kristen but I’m team Rob too.

  2. Noooo! I was still somehow hoping that the whole thing was just one massive story spun by the rumor mill but this is so FINAL!

    Do you know when Kristen’s next interview is due? Surely she and Rob are going to have to start appearing on talk shows etc for BD promo soon? I want to actually see Kristen talk about this.

    • RIGHT!!! I’m so bothered. Like I know he’s hurt, I get it but I’m still sad. Of course he won’t forgive her overnight so he needs time, ight move out -_-

      As for K, I don’t think she was going to be doing any press stuff until BD promo. I really don’t think she’ll want to talk openly about this and if she does I truly do not know who she is! BD promo time is the first time they’ll be together, IF that happens, smh so messed up!

      • Yeah, me too.

        Hmm, well I don’t know what’s going to happen. I guess I’m just curious to see what Kristen’s reaction will be when questions about this are fired at her.

      • I know, will she cry? Will she curse somebody out. I feel she’ll get booed doing any talk show stuff, her life is about to get real crazy, I feel bad for her but she brought this on herself.

      • Um, yeah, that thing they were carrying fekraed me out a little. And Rob’s wearing plaid, good god I HATE plaid 9 times out of 10. (Usually depends on my mood.) And, in KS defense, wasn’t Bella, like, totally sleep deprived by the time they got to Italy? It makes sense she’d look a little … 😦

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