My Open Hearted Letter to Kristen Stewart

In the wake of such a huge sh*t storm Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders has caused with the breaking news of their affair since the start of “Snow White and the Huntsman” filming; it’s pretty much anybody who is anybody can talk about. Sorry, Robsten fans but it’s true. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. It’s a pretty damn good chance the most sought after English gent may be back on the market. Robert Pattinson has not yet released any comments regarding the matter but I just hope this horrific event does not crush his loving, spontaneous and goofy spirit. I offered my words to Robbie and Ki Ki now it’s your turn.


I spoke to many Twihards today and the general feeling was disappointment. Not anger or hate just pure disappointment. Like things weren’t sad enough with the end of “The Twilight Saga” but now we have to endure the pending elephant in the room and the most awkward press tour EVER come November. I understand you’re young, a baby practically, only 22 and jumped right back into a serious relationship after just leaving one. Maybe this is Rob’s karma for taking you from your previous relationship but nobody deserves such a high level of public humiliation as you just put on Rob. People make mistakes, I get it, but it took you to get caught for you to realize what you were doing was wrong. To think of all the fake smiles you had to put on to hide the dark truth that you were messing around with a married man is so terrifying to think you thought this was OK.

But we only know what has been released to us. Only you and all parties closely involved know the ins and outs of your relationship with Rob. Maybe things were not as vampire sparkly as we thought they were in your relationship. Having a love like Rob had for you is so damn rare and most would kill to have the fraction of the devotion, respect and love he had for you. You can only hope and pray that if by some grace of God he forgives and wants to work through this, you should not take the matter lightly. Hell, if he even offers you friendship you should count your blessings. If things don’t work out for a Robsten reconciliation then you can only blame yourself and I hope that adjustment in your “boring life” was worth all it cost.

I still do have love for you Ki and maybe will continue to support your acting career but respect for you as a woman is out the same fictional window you fell through in “Twilight”. I just hope there is a new moon for you after this breaking dawn.

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2 thoughts on “My Open Hearted Letter to Kristen Stewart

  1. he went to the audition in order to meet Kristen..he liked her work and her. She looks like his siersts (familiar) and sang in the movie (impressed him). They are close and may be soul mates but she is likely more experienced and tough than he is. The photos of her smoking a bong may have made his family warn him not to get serious with her. It’s bad enough to do punk stuff let alone be on your front stoop doing it. Dumb.They had chemistry (Kristen never had that with her friend Michael) and especially because he is celibate, his attraction to her was evident as per the director. After the filming stopped, he started to doubt that it was real and not just from being with someone all the time. Kristen felt it too but was advised that if Rob was going to have his shot at being a star and be recognized for his many talents, she had to let him look single. More money at the box office too. I would like to see this talented and nice guy do well and not be destroyed by the lies and gossip out there. Perhaps, having morals and faith would become cool again. Rob had the guts to stand by his convictions and morals. Refreshing and endearing.Rob said she is intimidating and has an anger to her. They spent a lot of time together on set and promoting the movie. She was 17 and he was almost 22 when they met. He was told to stay clear of her because the director was friends with her boyfriend who got her the audition, Michael Angarano. Rob is a sweet late bloomer and Kristen just recently SUPPOSEDLY broke off with her boy-friend. I hope Kristen is nice and not weak. I don’t want her to drag him down with her. She should act like a star and not an insecure, tough tom boy. See Comic Con You Tube interviews. Very worrisome.

  2. Jayasri that was a lot and I agree with many of your points. I do think Rob is an outstanding guy who doesn’t fit the typical Hollywood mold and that’s why he has so many fans. As for Kristen, I’m not even going to open that can of worms. My comments seem to stem arguments, ha

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