Shocker: Are Robsten Headed For a Break Up?

Just to think I was praising Robsten’s cuteness earlier this morning and I find out that my Ki Ki cheated on my Robbie?! *insert devasted face here*

I was just minding my own business when a tweet popped up on my feed about Kristen Stewart cheating on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her MARRIED director, Rupert Sanders from “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Now Robbie and Ki Ki are no strangers to having rumors spread about them regarding their relationship so I always brush them off but when I saw THIS cover of US Weekly with THIS way to close for comfort photo, my heart instantly shattered for Robbie!

Sources says, “Kristen is absolutely devastated. It was a mistake and a complete lapse of judgement.” The sources continue to say Kristen was not having an affair with director Rupert but it was just a “fleeting moment.”


I mean I honestly can’t do nothing but shake my head fiercely at this revelation. Rob seems so in love with her. He’s always singing her praises and JUST mentioned in Blackbook magazine about the potential of them getting married. What could ever possess her to cheat on such a devoted man? But there are always three sides to every story. Her side, his side and the truth.

How do you feel about the latest Robsten revelation? Should Rob forgive Kristen or did you see their break up coming?

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8 thoughts on “Shocker: Are Robsten Headed For a Break Up?

  1. I’m still doubting that this whole thing is actually real. I’ve done some internet searching and those photos of Kristen and Rupert supposedly having a steamy clinch look very Photoshopped. I’ll wait and see how the story unfolds but for now, I don’t believe it.

    • . Yes she may not finish in comltepe sentences to your satisfaction but when she describes her character and what motives her to perform her roles, her answers are really well thought out and honest. There are a lot of ppl who despite their professions are great one to one but when come to public speaking gets really nervous, it up to us while realizing this, to look beyond that. I also did not appreciate the Kristen’s comments that was initially published during twilight. Since then however; I have to give her credit that she has been reaching out to the fans more than she usually have. Also since her alleged R/K relationship (which I think it true and ongoing as well as some of my friends in the biz) she has been smiling and more relaxed with the public. Look at the VC pics. Unless of course it a stupid paps sticking a camera right up her face and asking stupid questions. Look at video while she was filling her car with gas come on ppl was that right. Apparently a few posters here have never experienced being in a glass bowl where everyone watches you and some even says horrible things just to get a rise out of you so they can print the most negative things about you in order to get another paycheck. I know I haven’t but I have seen it many times. That what most of the paps do. Look at the various videos of Rob at the airport and are you telling me what they did is right. I don’t care that Rob is famous that was highly disrespectful. Also keep in mind when they interrupt the set it drives the cost of production up. Who do you think will eventually pay for that. As for that dinner incident, I think Rob was highly restraint and could have said something more ugly. Other stars have don’t it too so it is not a unique thing for him alone. Even among the paps there are divisions on how to approach stars. The other thing that bother me about the so called fans is that we may not like who an actor chooses to share his/her life with however it is their life. The fact that a lot of fans says he or she could do better makes me laugh as if you know the actor so well that you could choose his/her mate for them. Kristen always says that one of her reason in choosing Rob is that he is not perfect. We only get a smidgen of what these ppl are in RL and I can assure you having met many celebs, a lot of them are different than the way they are portrayed. Some for the better some for the worst. Finally if I was to judge some of the posts written here they way they have judge these actors well I could easily say that the comments are purely based on jealousy. But I can’t so I won’t.

  2. Also, that statement does not sound like Kristen at all! Since when has she publicly admitted anything? I really find it hard to believe that if she *were* having an affair, she would readily admit it to a sensationalist magazine.

    • I know, it’s so crazy that is took THIS for K to admit her and Rob are in love and are together. I mean both Rupert and K gave statements admitting to it, it’s not like we’re going to see a live press conference so we just have to take these words to be true. I’m just utterly pissed at how this is going to affect promo time for Breaking Dawn. It’s the LAST one for Pete’s sake. There probably won’t be no group interviews with all of them, damn sure not with Tay, Rob and Kristen. And someone mentioned on Twitter the other day, what if they win Best Kiss again next year smh. This is about to be such an awkward moment for them all.

      • Yeah, I was thinking about how this is going to affect the interviews too. This affair is all the reporters are going to talk about to Kristen and Rob. It’s going to cast a shadow on all the BD promo interviews. I wonder how Kristen will react when questions about it are fired at her.

        The whole thing — smooching in broad daylight with Rupert, publicly releasing a statement — is so out of character for K. That’s why I find it hard to believe. Even if she did *choose* to have an affair, surely she’d want to keep it quiet and away from any possibility of being seen and photographed.

        I wonder if we’ll hear anything from Rob about it. He’s keeping quiet, but then I guess we can’t really blame him for that! I’ll bet there are a lot of tense phone convos going on between him and Kristen at the moment.

      • If he’s speaking to her at all! I feel like he’s a good person and really did love her and probably will forgive her but sadly, oh so sadly Robsten will be no more. It was just too public for him to take her back. If he does it could go two ways, he’ll be looked at like a fool or a really great guy who could forgive someone over something like that. I mean there are many cases in real life that couple cheat and make it work but it’s up to the people involved, it’s nobody else business what they ultimately decide to do.

        And I’m just mad because promo time is the best time to get to meet them all. I’m just glad I met Kristen recently cause I feel like she will not want to talk to any fans NO time soon. Some may physically want to hurt her and her team not risking that.

      • When you are truly in love or at least in a new love relationship, no mtater how hard they try to hide their feelings and keep it a secret from the world, you simply cannot hide it.From the looks of it at Comic Con, R & K are NOT together, IMO..I don’t even think they ever got together. We don’t even know for sure if K broke up w/ her BF, nothing has been confirmed yet. I mean, let’s say, if K & M did break up for real and if R & K are truly attracted to each other, they might have talked about the possibility of going out.Maybe R & K needed to talk about that right before he had to fly to NYC.But maybe they decided that it’s too early or it just won’t work..that they’d rather wait till all the films are finished. Rob, especially will be so busy w/ one film after another and I am not sure about Kristen’s schedule. But long distance relationship ain’t gonna be easy, and they know it.Also, Rob has made one love story movie and will be in Bel Ami and other future films where he will be w/ other beautiful actressses in kissing/ bedscenes ( God, I hope!!)R & K are absolutely fed up w/ media gossip, the intrusion of paps in their lives, all the lies made about them.Kristen was not that friendly towards Rob during the press conference. You can tell by their body language, she leans closer towards Taylor and puts her arm around him intitially.At the end of the event, when all the cast took photos, she & Nikki looked like they were joking around w/Rob and laughing, but they just look like friends, nothing more than that.Only when you’re Rob & Kristen’s family, relatives, or close friends, then you will know the real truth whether they’re going out, still together or it just never happened. It may only be a wishful thinking by Robsten shippers.

  3. stuff like that, until Summit wisely told her to shut up and chgnae her tune. ( That whole, reaching out to her fans stuff? Instituted AFTER she ran her mouth off) I thought, ya know what, kid? YOU could be replaced in a heartbeat. And despite her youth, she is a seasoned actor. From a show biz family. She has been involved in this for half her life. But she always came across as I’m SO MUCH BETTER than this stupid blockbuster movie! Which really irritated me, as a FAN of the series. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, kid. All the other cast members seemed to be able to project a grateful playfulness in being involved with this movie. Not her. She was surly, grumpy, rude, seemingly bored to have to be promoting the movie. And HIGH. She seemed out of it a lot of the time. I don’t buy the whole, She’s shy, she’s uncomfortable with talking, she doesn’t like the attention . Good Lord. She’s an ACTOR. She’s the flipping LEAD IN A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE. She’s done this for years. Figure out how to do your job. The rest of us have to do this. Welcome to adulthood. Or, you know, go work in a factory, where you don’t need to interact with others. I do not get this How can you judge someone you don’t know personally? Well, let me see. They only way I can. I watched interviews with her. I read articles about her (not the gossip crap, which actually painted her to be some near-perfect person. BTW). I LISTENED to her talking about how much she really didn’t care for her current job, and how she cannot wait until she moves on ( K, what was the best part of filming in Italy? When it was over. )Now, some see this as edgy, honest, punk, darkly humorous. I saw it as rude. Ungrateful. You are supposed to be promoting a movie, not explaining how you are socially inept. I do not care that you hate talking to people. It’s part of your job. I read with complete bafflement at the Robsten lies, when I *watched* her rudely and dismissively write off her costar. Chemisty? Um, perhaps on screen. In real life, she always seemed pissed off at him, despite what that nut job on E! Online writes.And the paps can all rot in hell- they are parasites. Hate them. Which is why I’m not famous, ’cause I’D HURT them. And be in jail. I do not need to be in the mind or social circle of Rob or KS. I love my own life. I realize we only get to see a snapshot of them. They are just actors, not real people in my wonderful, amazing, nutty real life. That’s OK. I enjoy watching Rob, I’m a fan, which is why I write novels on this site. But, I am an adult, and do not fantasize about marrying the guy. My husband would protest. (Probably) I drew a conclusion about K from her actions and comments this past year. And after watching Comic Con- she’s not proven me wrong. Yes, I realize these actors can be complete bastards in real life- but, they are not IN my REAL LIFE. I need to see them as characters on a screen- and that’s about it. Sean Penn- phenom actor. Real life- um, not impressed. Robert De Niro? Worst interview subject EVER- great actor. KS? I was irked, as a fan, that she seemed to disrespect the story I love. Plain as that. NO one needs to agree with me. That’s just how I feel. I wish her well. I just do not care for her, for many reasons. Sorry, I do not see that changing- and that’s important to no one but me.

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