Blue Ivy Carter Unwrapped!

I was starting to think baby Blue Ivy Carter was a mythical creature; you know along the lines of the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus because Beyonce has kept Blue under wraps, LITERALLY. Us mere mortals haven’t had a glimpse of BB (Baby Blue) since we saw the ones from her, yes Blue’s, Tumblr page but now our hopes have been answered.

Beyonce finally let Blue get some air and some exposure by releasing the blanket that always covers her face. WHAT.A.CUTIE! She looks just like Queen Bey. The two ladies were spotted shopping at Bergdorf’s in Manhattan. The only thing wrong with this picture are the braids in Beyonce’s head. I really do not like them, that’s a Solange thing but I can only imagine how many girls are going to go out and get long, individual braids now because of the trend setting queen.

How cute is the second most beautiful girl in the world?

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