Viral Video: 2012 Beauty and The Beast


The latest viral video taking over is Beauty and the Beat . It’s borderline racist but as an African-American woman I see the video as just entertainment and the intention was not to be offensive, I would hope. OK, enough of the heavy, let’s get back to the video.

Let me set the scene for all you none Disney fans. In the 1991 film Belle awakes and preps to go in to town to get another book. Along the way she is so consumed in her book that she barely notices all the people talking about her and the minor hazards she comes across on her way to the bookstore. That scene, “Little Town” is beautifully sung and orchestrated with all the town folks. The “Beauty and the Beat” takes a very different spin.

In the YouTube video we find Belle in the ghetto as she makes her way through an assumed person addicted to drugs, a lady with so many kids that gives one to Belle and I’m guessing a drug dealer or “thug” that has his eyes set on Belle much like Gaston in the Disney version. And look out for Antoine Dodson, who made a special appearance in this vid.

The take on the Disney classic is very creative, I have to hand it to the writers and I got a few laughs from the video. Take a look and let me know what you think!


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