Photo Opp: The Obamas Get Jiggy!

Could President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle Obama BE any cuter?! I mean seriously, I’m getting a cavity from all the sweetness. The Obamas sat shy off court side at a USA-Brazil basketball game recently and what we got is this awesome photo of the adorable couple and this loving moment of the Obamas sharing a kiss on ‘the kiss cam.’ Don’t you just love our president!?


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2 thoughts on “Photo Opp: The Obamas Get Jiggy!

  1. This picture made me laugh out loud when I read you post. Funny. I love DWTS, and it would be amoeswe to see these two on the show.Taras last blog post..

  2. This is what we get when Obama bots votes for black and not on experience. Obama (needs to be imaecphed NOW!) is so inexperience he is like having a 10 year old do brain surgery or a monkey working on your car braking system probably do a better job than Obama (needs to be imaecphed NOW!) too. Obama (needs to be imaecphed NOW!) only cares about himself and nobody else, all he thinks about is what is in it for him, he got his spendulus package so that he can pay off his debt to those who got him in office, he is letting terrorist go to pay back the muslim countries that gave him over $ 50 million for his campaign and now he is all buddy buddy with them claim they are now our friends, try selling that to the 9/11 victims and survivors. Hillery is just another reminder of how inexperienced Obama (needs to be imaecphed NOW!) really is!

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