Breaking Dawn Part 2 Kicks Off Comic Con!

The Twilight Saga kicked off the 2012 Comic Con convention, and for the last time! Thursday, June 12, the cast of the saga and the woman who brought this story to our lives, Stephenie Meyer, gathered at the convention center in San Diego to talk “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” Sadly, I was not in Cali to experience this phenomenon up close and personal but thanks to the internet I was practically there!

I got lost today in a whirlwind of live streams, live blogs, a press conference and interviews! MTV reported over two hours of uninterrupted Breaking Dawn talk! Josh Horowitz had exclusive interviews with all the main cast mates and Stephenie Meyer. From Josh’s talk we know Robbie licks the pages of 50 Shades of Grey and that he just sits and receives pecks aka kissed from Kristen. Taylor has a cameo in “Grown Ups 2”, not an actual role and Kristen is beyond excited to let everyone see the vampire Bella.

We learned tons from the BDP2 coverage. We know the ending of the film is VERY fulfilling. Robbie admitted to getting emotional and Ki Ki said she saw it four times and cried every time. *tear* While reading the end of the book I definitely shed some tears so I know I’ll be an emotional mess in the theater.

I thought Robbie was the only one who would give me the best tidbits of Comic Con, and though he did, Ki Ki DELIVERED! She had all the jokes and was really bubbly when talking about the last installment. When Kristen was asked what she first noticed about her co-star Robbie she said “I liked his pants,” in her most adorable way but the one that got me was when a reporter asked about vampire sex during the press conference.

Ki was first to jump and answer. She started by joking and saying, “Mackenzie, go away,” due to the topic. She went on to say, “I mean, we’re supposed to have this mind-boggling, other-worldly sex in the first one.” In usual Stewart fashion she struggled to find the right words to express her point and in mid-thought Robbie chimed in with, “Get to the point, Kristen,” and without skipping a beat, she replied with a sly “Shut the f*** up!” *insert knee-slapping laughter* We can see who wears the pants in that relationship.

This last Comic Con experience for “Twilight” has been such a bittersweet one, for both the fans and all the people involved with the film. Kristen was even reported to be crying as the fan panel wrapped. Things are just getting started with promos of the November 16th film but all Twi fans can’t help but to see the end of our beloved saga. The only question I have is: What the hell are we suppose to do when the saga is over?!

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