Question of The Day: Are Apples Kristen Stewart’s Favorite Fruit?

Am I the only one that finds it rather peculiar that Kristen Stewart somehow ends up in films with apples involved? I mean, maybe it’s her favorite fruit and she insists that an apple must be incorporated in any film she does. You want examples? You got them.

Exhibit A. In 2004 Ki Ki played Melinda Sordino, a timid high school freshman harboring a dark secret in “Speak“. She said very little in the film but a scene that sticks out is when Melinda takes a bite out of an apple in, I believe, Biology class, CC: “Twilight”.

Exhibit B. 2008 was the year our lives forever changed. The first installment of “Twilight” saga hit theaters and the obsession started. Stewart played clumsy, doe-eyed Bella Swan who became captivated by the mysterious and very sought after Edward Cullen. Who can forget the cafeteria scene around the salad bar when Edward displays the book cover right before our eyes. Eddie knows the way to that girl’s heart is through an apple.

Exhibit C. In 2012 the anticipated summer film “Snow White and the Huntsman” was released. Now do I really have to breakdown the apple here? Ki Ki plays the title character Snow White who goes on a journey to escape the evil queen Ravenna and take back her kingdom. The way the poison apple is revealed in this film is simply amazing.

So there you have it, all the proof you need. Are you convinced Kristen Stewart has a thing for apples?

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