A Robsten Engagement?!

The internet and the rumor mill is buzzing again; this time with yet another Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart engagement. It’s been talked about for YEARS now about the possibility of Stewart becoming a Pattinson, *swoon* but now those speculations are kicking into high gear after Ki Ki was spotted “ring shopping.”

Jewelry stores in LA have been beaming about the twosome shopping for engagement rings. Claude Morady Estate Jewelry posted a story on ‘The Book’ aka Facebook teasing fans about a possible engagement. They wrote, “We can neither confirm nor deny first hand knowledge of this rumor. :)” A smiley face worth a 1,000 words.

I can’t even take in this information! The chance of a 2012 Robbie and Ki Ki engagement is blowing my mind. All I know is I hope my invite doesn’t get lost in the mail; I can’t miss the chance to see Ki Ki in a wedding gown and Converse sneakers.

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6 thoughts on “A Robsten Engagement?!

  1. I saw the rumors a couple days ago (keeping up-to-date with all the latest Rob/Kristen gossip is my guilty pleasure!) but I have to say I’m really skeptical about this. It sounds like another gossip mag rumor spun into a story to me. But if they *are* really getting engaged, knowing Kristen’s view on the media, I’m sure we won’t hear any official announcement for a lonnngggg time!

    • Oh it’s my greatest pleasure, ha but you are right! Kristen stays faaaarrr away from the limelight whenever her personal life is concerned; we had to pull teeth just for her to admit that her “boyfriend is English.” We probably won’t know they’re married until their one year anniversary, hey they could be married now.

      • Me too! :0 Celebrity gossip gives me a little escapism from my stressy life and I love Rob and Kristen.
        Ha, exactly, I’m surprised she even said that much! Apparently they used a real priest for the Breaking Dawn wedding ceremony scene, so technically they *are* already married. πŸ˜€

      • HA, Rob seems to think it was a real priest so in his eyes they are; and I simply adore Rob and Kristen; they’re like friends in my head ha

  2. Oops, typo! That was meant to be a smiley πŸ™‚ after “Me too”

    • I finished watihcng Remember Me for the first time over an hour ago and i’m still crying my eyes out. It was such a touching movie, i was positively bawling. The end was amazing, no one saw that coming. Robert is such an amazing actor in everything he does and his haters are just jealous because he is the sexiest and most talented guy on the planet. Marry me, Rob? ❀

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